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Panel 5 can be dated, it is said "confidently," to the Xᵀᴴ century A. This has certain immediate consequences when trying to associate it with any social group, especially one defined by language, since language and material culture have only a low degree of correlation.

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This is but an episode in a whole panoply of adventures in which the Twins go someplace that their father has forbidden them to visit. A lesser known version is found in "The Lost Blanket," a story in which the Twins travel the world looking for a mink blanket that was stolen from one of them.

In their travels to forbidden places they find something unusual — One day they came to some incredibly steep cliffs, so they said to each other, "Let's climb these odd looking cliffs." When they finally reached the top, there, unexpectedly, were two bird's nests.

We also may have to consider that the dating is wrong, despite high degrees of confidence in the date proffered.

If this is the case, then scenes reminiscent of stories in the current repertory may date to a time in the not too distant pass, a time close enough to our own that these stories have passed down to us essentially unchanged.

"Well, now, Breaks the Tree Tops," they said, "about when do your parents generally come home?

" "Oh," he replied, "they will come whenever we call them." The boys said, "Well then, go ahead and call them." So Breaks the Tree Tops said, "All right." He called them by singing this song: When the birds spoke of them as "crazy," the younger brother got angry.

The stories of the Chiwere people show considerable divergence (indeed even within that language group), suggesting that the stories of the Common Winnebago-Chiwere peoples may have been significantly different from the daughter stories existing today. It is this fact that explains how myths from widely separated and completely isolated places can be almost identical.

The problem deepens as we recede into ever more remote regions of the past. One of the stories about Bluehorn, for instance, is very close to a medieval Irish story about Cu Culainn and Cu Roi Mac Dairi (see the Comparative Material to Bluehorn's Nephews).

They noticed that one had blue feathers under his wings.

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