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Once more, Martin begins a relationship with an author of his, Phoebe (Barbara Alyn Woods), who is into all sorts of sexually challenging games.

In order to avoid being deported, Gibby has to get married to Toby, at a high price.

Martin convinces the mother of the college student to go on a date with him. They almost break up because of it, just before having an epic session which keeps the relationship alive.

Toby's mother makes her feel really bad about her life.

A beautiful widow has a book written by her husband who was a famous author, however she doesn't want her husband's name on the book due to the content.

Toby blackmails Martin into putting her name on the book, Martin takes the widow as his lover (Gates Mc Fadden).

It's Christmas and a very pregnant Judith goes on a trip with Martin to receive a present for Richard, who's visiting the Pope.Ready to find love or meet new and interesting people?Sign Up for our mailing list to receive special invites to Lez Link Happy Hours, Meet Ups, and Lez Link’s exclusive singles events where each event tailored and designed to bring those with a similar interest together.While having sex, Martin gets the inspiration for a great idea for a book.He goes to Gibby with the idea, but wants Marin to help him.Jeremy gains more sexual experiences with Marybeth (Robin Tunney), an 'older' woman.

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