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Thomas Aquinas, flew into a rage and smashed it to pieces.

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One of their main competitors was the German inventor David Roentgen, who constructed a dulcimer player modeled on Marie Antoinette and gave it to her as a gift.

These stories always seemed to raise the same question: What would it take for a thing to go from being merely humanoid to actually human?

Imagine, he proposed, a human being text-chatting with a computer.

Now imagine a third party, reading a transcript of their conversation from a separate room.

The audiences who admired the toy musicians raved about their sensibilité—the way they seemed to be moved by their own performances. With the rise of computing and artificial intelligence (AI), scientists began to talk more about thinking, sentience, and self-consciousness.

The mathematician Alan Turing defined the most famous test of machine intelligence in a paper that he published in 1950.

Iranäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, an ethologist, or animal behavior expert, at the Max Planck Institute in Bavaria, began a cross-cultural investigation in the 1960s.

For over a decade, he gathered field notes of “courting” couples in Samoa, Brazil, Paris, Sydney, and New York, surreptitiously photographing them as they talked.

For an artificial intelligence to flirt, one might imagine that a physical form resembling our own would be important.

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