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If you are looking for ladyboys in Amsterdam then head to the area near the Redlight Bar or Butterfly Thai Cafe.

There will be street streetwalkers in De Wallen but you should be careful if they come to your room.

For the lovers of BDSM (S&M) and kinky sex, fetish play or role-play, gentlemen’s club Park 118 has renovated 1 room in our basement, and fully furnished it as a charming cosy S&M dungeon.

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De Wallen is definitely the biggest red light district in Amsterdam and the most visited.

The majority of the Amsterdam red light district videos on Youtube or other sites are of De Wallen.

Don’t get caught 20 minutes into your session needing to negotiate extra time or the girl will have all the leverage.

Some girls may charge more than 50 euros but its usually only the hottest girls that do that. Outside of De Wallen at the smaller venues you will have a better chance at getting a cheaper price.

If you go in the day or in non peek hours you might be able to pay a little less or get a little longer time.

If you are the type that takes awhile to cum then negotiate ahead of time.This isn’t some seedy area for prostitution down dark alleys, it is a nice touristy area right in the heart of the city near Central Station.There will be many gawkers on the streets taking selfies or videos.There is an even smaller red light district near the museum quarter but you will have a lot harder time finding hot girls at that one. Be careful taking pictures on De Wallen as you are not allowed to take pics of the prostitutes in Amsterdam and people have had their phones and cameras confiscated for this.The standard price is generally 50 Euro’s but that only buys you a very quick session of about 20 minutes.If you know of a club that is missing or any additional or incorrect info: email [email protected] a location to find a local Swinger Club.

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