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Look at all the passion splattered up on the wall here.

Somerset looks at a coloring-book open on the coffee table.

SECOND THUG Well, for some strange reason, I don't believe you.

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COUNTRY CHURCH -- DAY The white cross on the church steeple stands against blue sky. He runs his finger across one of the pale red roses that decorates the older paper.

SOMERSET, 45, in a suit and tie, stands in this empty second-story room.

SEVEN by Andrew Kevin Walker January 27,1992 The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for. The dirt road in front is lined with pick-up trucks and parishioners on foot heading to outlying farms and homes. He looks around, at the ceiling, at the worn wooden floor, at the peeling wallpaper on the walls.

- Ernest Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls 1940 EXT. Somerset walks to one wall where the current wallpaper is peeled away to reveal flowery wallpaper underneath.

SOMERSET'S APARTMENT, BEDROOM -- MORNING Somerset picks items off a moving box: keys, wallet, homicide badge. TENEMENT APARTMENT -- DAY A wall is stained by a starburst of blood. TAYLOR Neighbors heard them screaming at each other.

TAYLOR When the patrolman got here she was trying to put his head back together.

CHINESE BODEGA/CITY STREETS -- NIGHT DAVID MILLS, 31, exits with a bagged 40oz bottle of beer. Mills averts, swings, pounds the side of his fist into the second thug's face -- CRACK. The second thug stumbles back, drops the knife, his nose squirting blood.

Mills swiftly finishes that sentence by smashing his bottle against the first thug's head. The second thug moves from the side, brings out a knife. Mills' free hand pounds the thug's face: once, twice -- third time's the charm as the window shatters.

SOMERSET All this effort you've gone through, to be transferred from Philadelphia to here.

MILLS I'm here for the same reasons as you, I guess. at least the same reasons you used to have for being here...

FIRST THUG (steps forward) You can fucking suck my... Mills clutches at the thug's arm, trying to avoid a choke-hold. Mills breaks loose, grabs a handful of the second thug's hair and holds the man's head against the car's side window.

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