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My other big problem with Charli XCX’s chorus and particularly her bridge, is that the kind of lifestyle they convey (Trash the hotel/Let’s get drunk on the minibar) doesn’t sound very “fancy” to me.And no, “fancy” isn’t some sort of ironic term you didn’t know about.

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For instance, I’d like to give an honorable mention to Belly’s the album, suffered from a typical case: a finely-tuned, perfectly solid record terminally overshadowed by its lead single.

Sure, “Sign of the Times” was a perfect move for Harry Styles: an undeniable, breathtaking single to elevate him from boy band leftovers to exciting pop up-and-comer.

In addition to its unique concept (it’s based on an Italian children’s book about rainbow goblins), it also features some tightest songwriting of Primus’ entire career, as well as some absolutely jaw-dropping bass playing by frontman Les Claypool.

is a gorgeous album, quiet and ambient with an undeniable groove that sets it apart from the rest.

In their transition from exciting new sound to weirdo-rock legends, they’ve always had their fair share of detractors.

their latest album and the first since 2011 to feature their original lineup, is no exception.

One Direction’s solo outings have yielded mixed results, but at the very least, it can be said that Harry’s got it going on. “Sweet Creature” 49) NO DATA – Daye Jack There were a lot of exciting breakthrough albums by up-and-coming rappers this year (as there are every year these days), but one of the most tragically overlooked has to be Daye Jack’s phenomenal, retro-futuristic debut LP The album combines space-age grooves and pounding hip hop to create something fresh and thoroughly enjoyable.

The apparent Justin Timberlake influence lends itself to Daye Jack’s still-hungry raps and surprisingly solid singing voice.

That can be in the form of a single, a video, or a few other things, but it generally can’t be something I put or almost put on a previous list. M.’s album which, in fairness, came out this month. It’s also a really solid verse, but it shows us a side of Thug that we haven’t seen in a minute. And by the way, the beat has a clear DJ Mustard influence, to the extent that when “Leave It” was first leaked, the leaker mistakenly identified it as being produced by DJ Mustard.

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