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With this in mind, in February last year William set up the charity Dad's House.As well as offering single fathers the practical advice and the emotional back-up he'd lacked, with free cookery classes, life-coaching and counselling, Dad's House aims to create a social network for fathers across the UK. Just a year since its launch, the organisation now has roughly 1,400 members.

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Part of the problem seems to be that dads in two-parent relationships don't understand the struggle faced by single fathers, as most don't have a clue about what's actually involved in raising a child.

The single dads I spoke to say it's predominantly their friends' wives and girlfriends who handle the day-to-day things like washing, helping with homework and giving a hug when it's needed – and they are quick to admit that it was only in becoming a single parent themselves that they've realised quite how much work is involved.

Before Amari's mum and I agreed on joint custody, I only saw our son on weekends.

I was working all the time, and being a part-time dad left me feeling out of the loop.

Jane Ahrends, who represents the Gingerbread charity, explains that while general attitudes to single mothers might have improved, many of the women she meets feel "got at": "If they go straight back to work, they're treated like bad parents; if they don't, they're called benefit scroungers." By contrast, the men I've met have felt less blighted by social prejudice and more so by a general lack of representation.

Many feel that unlike single mums, they are invisible.

Raising a child is the most rewarding thing you can do.

The process of getting Amari's school bag together every morning, dressing him in his uniform, talking to him about his learning, it's brilliant.

Extreme campaign groups like Fathers for Justice, meanwhile, are widely felt to have done more damage than good to the reputation of dads in situations where the relationship has broken down.

William believes that first and foremost, men need to work together if they are going to get their voices heard and make a positive impact. So, with Father's Day fast approaching, we asked four men to talk about their experiences of fatherhood.

It was just so difficult to be a full-time dad and to make ends meet," he recalls.

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