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Jessica came to the library after school and began doing her homework.

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She was perfect, but cruel, extremely sexy, but frigid.

And she sneered at his awkward attempts to persuade her to sex. Tom prepared his mask and a couple of picklocks in advance, so nothing could stop him, when he went out for hunt.

But she got terrified even more, when he dragged her to a garage with cuffs and chains hanging on the walls and stains of cum clearly seen on the floor.

He tied her hands with chains and began banging her tight slit brutally nearly tearing it with his heavy cock.

That day they were told to deliver some fruits to the other shop, so they took the boxes and brought them to the stock.

The storekeeper met them at the door and told to put the boxes in the back room.

He felt his cock hardening in his pants and decided to please it with the help of her tight holes.

He approached her from behind and grabbed her tits.

It was a sexy young blonde and the guys couldn\'t restrain themselves from fucking her.

They put an empty box on her head, removed her clothes and stuffed her fuck holes with three throbbing cocks.

Finally he saw her figure framed in moonlight, got out of the car and blocked her way.

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