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After having served as Acting Chairman for eleven months, President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday administered the oath of office on the Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and related offences Commission (ICPC), Mr. After administering the oath, the President informed him that he would be terribly disappointed if the new anti graft boss failed Nigeria in his duties. Nta was appointed as Acting Chairman of the ICPC on November 29, 2011 by President Jonathan and was confirmed on September 28, 2012 following the submission of his name to the Senate.

Five newly appointed federal permanent secretaries were also sworn in at the Aso Chambers of the State House, Abuja, they are Ambassador John Alhassan Gana (Niger), Mr. James Obiegbu (Imo), Ambassador Sani Saulawa Bala (Katsina) and Dr. While speaking shortly after administering the oath on the new officials, President Jonathan disclosed that every Nigerian is worried about corruption which he described as a major impediment to the progress of Nigeria.

Contrary to the claims of the Christian missionaries that "archaeology" has shown that the sun-worship by the people of Sheba mentioned in the Qur'an was proven to be incorrect, there is no contemporary evidence or religious text from the time of the Queen of Sheba able to throw light on their religious beliefs. As in most contemporary Semitic cults, the Sabaeans and other South Arabs worshipped stars and planets, chief among whom were the Sun, Moon and ʿAthtar, the Venus.

Most of what is known of the contemporary religion is derived by inference from later religious structures and from dedicatory inscriptions. The relation to the divine was deeply rooted in public and private life.

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Every day, you hear Nigerians talk about corruption, corruption, corruption because that is why during Obasanjo’s administration, ICPC and EFCC were created or established by Acts of Parliament.

We believe that these two agencies are in the position to reduce corruption.

The President assured the ICPC Chairman that as President, he would not interfere in his job but charged him to utilize his experience to put and end to corruption and stealing in the country.

He said “for the chairman of ICPC, you have been an acting Chairman for quite sometime and I have observed and I know you have been making some changes to make sure that ICPC become more functional and effective.

In order to support their supposition they relied on an article called A measure of Muhammad's limited knowledge of the ancient traditions of the Arab deities is gained from the fact that the Qur'an states that the Queen of Sheba was converted to the true god from the sun-worship of her people (Pritchard 1974 14), while all the evidence at Marib suggests that the Moon God, the very source of the crescent of Islam, was always the predominant deity.

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