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I advise as a friend, you see, rather than command as a mother—So adieu, my love.

"He can advise us and help us to put the muddle right," said Mrs. "You will have the other trustees to advise with," said his mother.

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If the person using convergence has more power than the listener does, the speaker can come across as patronizing.

Sometimes convergence is a tool used by people with less power to accommodate those with more power. [ad2] People do not always identify so closely with the people they are talking to, however.

A good example is a person who emphasizes their own regional accent and dialogue rather than trying to sound more like the other person.

Divergence can also happen when a person wants to maintain some distance from another person.

Giles’ theory is generally considered to be sound because few researchers have been able to successfully challenge it.

However, critics of the theory point out that conversations often seem to be too complex to be broken down into components as simple as convergence and divergence.

They also point out that people can use both techniques in the same encounter, a scenario that has not received much attention by researchers.

Finally, critics counter that Communication Accommodation Theory assumes that both parties are communicating in a rational manner.

Often, this makes the other person feel liked and makes them like you more, as well.

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