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Watching a film always marks the start of a really good weekend for me.

There are loads of things I want to see right now, like War Horse and The Iron Lady.

I’m a big Chelsea fan and if there’s a match on I always go.

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We’ve just come back from an amazingly romantic holiday in the Maldives and Dubai but I’m a very traditional girl and would never dream of popping the question myself. As I see it, you can drop hints but that’s about it.

But marriage is what we both want so hopefully it will happen this year or next year, after the dust has settled from Petra’s wedding [in Rome, costing, Bernie said, £12 million].

During court proceedings, murky details of their marriage emerged.

Petra's billionaire father Bernie Ecclestone told The Mail on Sunday, that James had previously threatened to "blow [Petra's] head off". It wasn't very nice and that's why she went to the police. "[But] when you say something, you've probably been thinking along those lines or else you wouldn't say it." Got a story?

They were seen leaving after dinner at Madeo in West Hollywood on Wednesday night.

The foursome also saw in the New Year together, with Petra, 29, leaving LA restaurant Catch hand-in-hand with Sam, 34.GLAM heiress Petra Ecclestone has moved on from her bitter £5.5bn divorce, enjoying another night out with her rumoured love interest Sam Palmer.They met through Petra's brother in law, Jay Rutland, who joined the pair for dinner alongside Petra's sister Tamara Ecclestone.In the afternoon I’ll probably have a frozen yogurt in Harrods and do some shopping.I suppose my most extravagant purchases recently have been my Hermès Birkin bags – I don’t even want to go in to how much they cost.I must look like a crazy lady marching them down the street to Pet Pavilion, the dog store in Chelsea Farmers Market. I actually have five dogs but the fifth, Duke, is a Chihuahua who doesn’t walk.

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