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Finally, in one aisle, the attractive woman began talking to me.

She said that she had noticed how I wasn't buying much food and that I must be single.

It is also safer and smarter to take the phone number of a man and perhaps talk to him over the phone a few times to get to know him a little better. I have observed that many women just can not ask a man out on a date. It's actually just a get-acquainted time, to see what you think of each other.

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If you're interested in getting together again, don't hesitate to say so. If you are not interested in seeing him again, tell him so. When I'm on live call-in radio shows, I talk to many different people across the country.

I often ask married people who asked who out for the first date.

As I walked down an aisle, I was delighted when an attractive woman smiled at me.

We eventually exchanged smiles again as we passed each other in different aisles.

Furthermore, she knew just what to say to create something common between us. Ultimately, she said she would love to talk to me more but had to run.

She went further to say she did not want to seem overly forward, but asked if I would like her phone number to talk more later.Naturally, I took her number and we eventually became friends.This woman handled the situation perfectly as far as approaching me.I told her that she was quite right, that I was single.She then pointed to her almost empty basket and chuckled. She was bold, but very friendly, which made me feel quite comfortable.To be safe, she should have asked for my phone number first, before giving me hers.

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