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The Captain came in to squad room, Two Someone forgot to tie her shoe (Repeat verse, quick tempo CHORUS: 3. In the mess hall she now stands Buried ‘neath the pots and pans, Getting pretty dishpan hands K. IF Oveta Culp Hobby had not responded so admirably to Pres.The Captain came in to squad room, Three A wrinkled bed was there to see (Repeat verse, quick tempo CHORUS: 4. Roosevelt’s request, guidelines for women in all the services would never have occurred.A legend in your own time Air Force Song, The Army Song (Caissons Go Rolling Along) , The Bless 'Em All Bombed Coast Guard - Semper Paratus, The Duty - WAC Song Ft. Salute to the WAC Song of the Women's Army Corps Tags that Jingle, Jangle, Jingle This is the Army WAC Thanks for the Memory WACs Pledge of Allegiance We Ain't Gonna Get No Gigs No More We'll be Good Soldiers We're in the Army Now We're the Women's Army Corps You're in the Army Now The Army Song Over hill, over dale, As we hit the dusty trail, And those caissons go rolling along. The Coast Guard - Semper Paratus So here’s the Coast Guard marching song We sing on land or sea Through surf and storm and howling gale, His shall our purpose be. The Navy - Anchors Aweigh Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh Fare well to all these joys, We sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay, To our last night on shore, Drink to the foam, Until we meet once more Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home. We live in fame or go down in flames, Nothing can stop the U. Pallas Athene, Goddess of Victory History tells your story brave, And our own Statue of Liberty, Shows what we’ve sworn to save! In the Kitchen scullery Sixteen long hours of the day And Wher’er we go, By the smell you’ll always know, That the K.

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Chorus Oh, the WAVES are so dickey, At least, so they think, With perkiness hats, and their panties so pink’ But we like the Army, In spite of no drinks And our loves are far, far away Chorus Chorus: We’ll be good soldiers if it takes us years, We’ll stiffen our spines and we’ll pin back our ears, We’ll flatten our tummies and tuck in our rears, If that’s what it takes to be WACs. Oh, it’s brandy, brandy, brandy That makes you feel so dandy; In the Corps, in the Corps In the Women’s Army Corps Oh, it’s beer, beer, beer That makes you feel so queer; In the Corps, in the Corps In the Women’s Army Corps Oh, it’s gin, gin, gin That puts you in a spin; In the Corps, in the Corps In the Women’s Army Corps Oh, it’s wine, wine, wine That makes you feel so fine; In the Corps, in the Corps In the Women’s Army Corps Oh, it’s rum, rum, rum That makes you feel so bum; In the Corps, in the Corps In the Women’s Army Corps Oh, it’s whiskey, whiskey, whiskey That makes you feel so frisky; In the Corps, in the Corps In the Women’s Army Corps Gee, Mom, I Wanna Go Home The UNIFORMS they give us, they say are mighty fine, But I need Lana Turner, to fill the front of mine.

CHORUS: Oh, I don’t want no more of Army Life, Gee, Mom, I wanna go, Gee, Mom I wanna go, But they won’t let me go, Gee Mom I wanna go home.

The Captain came in to squad room, Six Discovered they had played some tricks (Repeat verse, quick tempo CHORUS: 7. By Stevie Stephens and Peg Honore’ WAC’s Pledge of Allegiance We pledge allegiance to the land we love.

The Captain came in to squad room, Sev’n Decided we wouldn’t get to Heav’n (Repeat verse, quick tempo CHORUS: 8. Then she came to camp one day Quickly learned the WAC-y way, Underwear café au lait, Oh me! And all we hold most dear Bequeathed to us by glories past To cherish and revere We guard our precious heritage With pride and valor true America, beloved land We pledge our faith anew.

We do a lot of griping, it doesn’t mean a thing We wouldn’t trade the Army for any other thing. Oh, Army life, with care and strife— I’m a rippin’, snortin’, Auxie, but I’ll be a Sergeant’s wife, I’ve got tags that jingle, jangle, jingle As I drill and gaily march along.

No, I don’t want to go, no I don’t’ want to go No I don’t want to go home. The Captain came in to squad room, One A stocking showed that had a run (Repeat verse, quick tempo 2. A legend in your own time You really are, you know IF there had never been a WAAC and then the WAC, there would be now women soldiers in the Army today.

This is the Army (Tune: Irving Berlin’s “This is the Army, Mary Jones”) This is the Army, Mary Jones, No private rooms or telephones You had your breakfast in bed before But you won’t have it there any more. This is the Army, Betty Brown, You and your baby went to town, He had you worried, but this is war, And he won’t worry you any more.

This is the Army, Susie Green, We like the barracks nice and clean, You had a housemaid to clean your floor But she won’t help you out any more. Bombed We were bombed last night, bombed the night before And we’re going to get bombed tonight like we’ve never been bombed before When we Re bombed, we’re as scared as we can be They can bomb the whole darn Army, if they don’t bomb me.

Marching along together, No one’s gonna top us now, Rolling along the highway Sailing the sky and sea; Oh rum-ti-tiddle-dee, beat the drum And hold on to your lids Oh rum-ti-tiddle-dee, here we come The Yankee Doodle Kids, Marching along together All together to victory.

) Alongside Joe and 98°—the nineties were a good time to be alive—Mariah breaks that butterflies-in-the-stomach sensation down for us, joining a group harmony of, "Thank God I found you / I was lost without you / My every wish and every dream / Somehow became reality / When you brought the sunlight." Too sweet!

They’re over us, over us One little cave for the four of us Glory be to God, there are no more of us Or they’d surely bomb the whole darned crew.

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