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Step 4: Power off your phone and power it on again.Now connect the phone to your Windows computer and run the Sony Ericsson PC Companion software. After it detects your phone, check for the software update with the option on the PC companion, this time, you will see the update available.Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is an Android OS based smartphone which was released officially with the Android version 1.6 running on the phone.

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If something goes wrong during the update process, you could be left with a non-functional device, which must be repaired at a service workshop. However, seeing that Sony Ericsson had launched a new version of their phone software update program – Update Service II – reassured me a little bit.

Mature software is usually better than immature software.

source- XDA Developers Forum Be carefull with the region and network. Istalation stop at 10% after that no progress reported, I waited for more than 3 hours but program remained not responding. it says application not installed please try again later. Does anyone meet a bluetooth problem with X8 with firmware 2.1 update1 (origin)? Thanks i am trying to download this version for my mobile phone which is sony ericsson xperia 10 mini pro, i follow the steps and i download the Super One Click, i was trying to open the forlders and run the application but it says that i have a problem with the jit, how can i pass the problem and finish the reload with all these???????????????????????????????

I did the upgrade and the phone upgraded to 2.1, But now it doesn’t recognize my service provider. Now my phone is not powering up( Triangle sign is appearing on the mobile when turned on). in pc companion settings there are options for proxy settings on all proxy settings options it says cannot connect to internet. Mine recognize other bluetooth devices, but does not send or receive.

Here is the Xperia X8 we updated with the official 2.1 Firmware having Update 1 of Android 2.1. just download the application you want or you need at android market ..

Hope you find the tutorial easy to follow, if you have doubts or suggestion, please share through comments below. I am facing problem for upgrading 2.1 version on Xperia X8. coz i upgrade my xperia x8 to a higher firmware , it sucksss!!! now im looking how to re install the original 1.6 (donut) firmware.. However, with that said, comments indicate people still have issues with the Update Service similar to those I had back in 2006.– Are, A few days ago, I decided to go ahead and update the firmware of my Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone. From past experience, I know that updating firmware – that is, changing the program code running the operating system of the phone – can be risky.Today I am using a Nokia N82, and I haven’t used my W800i for about a year.A lot might have happened with the SE Update Service software since then – keep that in mind when reading about my experience with the software.However there is an Android 2.1 official firmware update available for Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 but it is restricted to certain regions and builds of phones only.

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