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Vinson was eventually convicted on felony charges of sexual assault against a minor, but the federal gun charged added to his case went, twice, to the 4th Circuit.

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To address these sobering statistics, the state has developed assistance programs ranging from counseling to 24-hour hotlines.

There is also an address confidentiality program, which protects victims by making their home addresses less available to their abusers.

A precedent was also set that year in state court when the North Carolina Court of Appeals examined similar circumstances in a case called Underwood v. Among other things, the precedent would affect federal background checks in North Carolina, as well as the way sheriffs handle pistol permit requests.

Just how much it affected things is unclear, partly because domestic cases are not always so simple as a single charge of assault of a female.

"It's a big problem." North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein's office wouldn't say whether it considers the loophole a problem, only that it's aware of the issue and is "conducting a legal review." State legislators seem largely to be unaware, which quickly becomes complicated by a tapestry of state and federal gun laws.

"When I tell legislators," said Paul Gessner, a former Superior Court judge turned legal adviser for the Wake County Sheriff's Office, "they don't always understand or believe me." The issue is obscure enough that at least one local sheriff's office said it was mistakenly denying permits until a training session this summer.Data collected by the North Carolina Violent Death Reporting System shows almost a quarter of violent deaths in North Carolina are the result of intimate partner violence.Additionally, IPV is the leading cause of female homicides, comprising approximately 50 percent of these deaths.North Carolina law says assault charges can be made even if there's no intent to cause harm beyond "culpable negligence," the court found."Accordingly, if North Carolina law permits an assault conviction based on negligent or reckless conduct, then none of the different assault formulations categorically qualify as (a federal misdemeanor crime of domestic violence)," the panel said in a unanimous decision.Raleigh, NC 27605 DV Crisis Line: 919-828-7740 SA Crisis Line: 919-828-3005 SAFE Center: 866-291-0854 Office: 919-828-7501 Website: Durham Crisis Response Center 206 N Dillard Street Durham, NC 27701 Office: 919-403-9425 Crisis: 919-403-6562 Website: Compass Center for Women and Families Mailing address: PO Box 1057 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Physical address: 210 Henderson Street Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Office: 919-968-4610 Crisis: 919-929-7122 Crisis (toll free): 866-929-7122 Website: addition to the programs listed above, there are other North Carolina-based non-profit organizations and governmental assistance programs that provide help to those trying to repair their lives or escape their abusers. There are programs available that cover domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuser treatment for those in every part of the state.

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