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Dozens of runaway brides are reportedly now being held in a jail with their children at a refugee camp 30 miles north of the ISIS 'capital' Raqqa, in Syria.

They have since described their bizarre lives as partners of ISIS fanatics.

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Gus Malzahn held his weekly press conference this morning and looked ahead to Auburn's trip to LSU on Saturday. 10 Auburn (5-1, 3-0 SEC) will try to extend its four-game win streak and snap a losing streak in Baton Rouge dating back to the 1999 Cigar Game.

Below are live updates from Gus Malzahn's press conference.

And men also post their CVs,' she said.'So you meet, you talk for 15-20 minutes, and then it's a yes or no. It's very quick.'Eventually, she paid £4,600 to smugglers to help her flee from the city, only for her husband Yassine to die during the escape bid.

Having fled, she now dreams of her old life in France and admitted she 'loved jeans and make up'.

They had paid large amounts to travel to the ISIS-held city in the hope of marrying men who were 'pure Muslims' and taking advantage of free healthcare and education.

But Rahma said of the male extremists they met: 'They say they want to jihad for the sake of Allah, but what they want is only about women and sex.

She told CNN women would write a 'sort of CV' for the Tinder-like system.

'She puts down her age, her name, what her personality is like, and what she looks for in a man.

-- On toughness of playing at LSU: "They're usually one of the more talented teams in our league." -- On Derrick Brown: Getting more experience, using hands better -- "We're in the process of having a chance to become a pretty good team. -- Isn't planning on referencing too much to the 1999 game at LSU to the team -- If Troy's win at LSU adding pressure: "We're not worried about anything that's happened up to this point." -- On Arden Key: "We're all going to know where he's at." -- On starting fast at LSU: "We've got behind early, consistently and we've got to overcome that." -- Has talked to Les Miles "numerous times" since last year's game, references hiring Larry Porter as one specific instance.

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