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Is this the most special person on the planet to you? If you relate to them as a sacred being, they will be. Make a commitment that you will have a "date with an angel" twice a month. Your visions don't need to agree, but they need to align.

Remember the blissful feelings when you first met and re-create those times. A spiritual partnership is all about supporting each other's deepest desires. Find the common aspects of both of your visions for the future. We are all meant to be the heroes of our own lives.

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We can have the relationships and lives we've always dreamed of. You commit to helping and loving each other—and, here's the key—everyone around you.

Because, it is only when you are living love and kindness that your relationship will truly flourish. When put into practice, you can make all your dreams come true. Whether you're in a relationship or seeking a new one, here are 10 methods for building a spiritual partnership.1. The element that elevates a spiritual partnership beyond an ordinary relationship is the revolutionary idea that your role is to support each other on your path to reach ultimate evolution, to become your best self.

Since marriage is a spiritual relationship, your spiritual compatibility will influence the quality of your relationship more than any other factor. Or what harmony has Christ with Belial [Satan], or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?

" This passage warns that a Christian should not enter a partnership with an unbeliever because it will be a relationship built on opposing values and goals.

Whatever goals you set for your relationship will dictate how it functions day to day.

If your goal is company, or financial security, don't expect long-term satisfaction. Don't you want to make make an honest, deep, lasting connection with someone? Maybe we start picking at flaws or noticing other people, wondering if we'd be happier with them. Even in a relationship, we reach a point where the person we're with doesn't feel as special as he or she used to.The time and attention you give your meditation practice determines the results you will get. Touch, intimacy and connection are essential ingredients of spiritual partnerships.And don't let it scare you—you can start with just a few minutes a day. A satisfying intimate relationship starts with having a body that you feel good in. Being in a spiritual partnership requires that we grow up into the person we were meant to be.No other human relationship will play a more important role in shaping your life than your relationship with your spouse.

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