Spragga benz dating Avecamchat

The director is not the only one looking ahead, Spragga Benz also has a project in the works with Top Notch Vision, as well as his own documentary which he says is in the final stages of editing.

On the recording side he has released Get That Dough, Queen's Highway and Consequence.

6), Foxy posted a photo of the infant with Lauryn Hill's song "To Zion" playing in the background.

"🎀My Gorgeous, Greatest, Gray Eyed BIRTHDAY GIFT❕ GLORY TO GOD My GREATEST Hit🎀 Obsessively IN LOVE❕❕❕," she wrote in the photo's caption., host Wendy Williams revealed Foxy had given birth.

In zoning in on Carlton Grant, aka Spragga Benz, James says he is impressed with the artiste's portrayal of Ricarlo -- a 'moorish' Rastaman who has a Caucasion girlfriend, but is not very keen about getting married for the papers.

In commenting on his role Spragga says, "I think the role it portrays is a new way of seeing the system." Acting is nothing new to the dancehall deejay as he has been featured in Shottas and Brooklyn Babylon where he starred as himself.

Foxy Brown finally posted a picture of her beautiful baby girl she gave birth to earlier this year.

Back in March, Wendy Williams broke the news that the 39 year old femcee gave birth to a baby girl and that the father of Foxy’s daughter is a “reggae star”.Wendy didn’t spill the name, but Foxy let the cat out of the bag, posting a video of her on-again-off-again lover Spragga Benz.Foxy also posted a video wishing Spragga a Happy Father’s Day, along with her brother and rapper Anthony “AZ” Cruz via Instagram: Spragga, whose real name is Carlton Errington Grant, is a dancehall music icon hailing from Jamaica.The story explores the decisions they make and how they get to their goals -- following the ups and downs and misconceptions that can be formed in a bid to obtain that Green Card."The movie is based on true events," James shares, adding that before penning the script he interviewed several immigrants who shared their stories.The 48 year old DJ is the father of two, a daughter named Shanice Grant who just graduated from Villanova University in Pennsylvania last year, and a son Carlton, Jr.

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