Star wars galaxies updating van diesel dating

The crafting changes that were made are intentional and did change the game play for the crafters.

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We are confident that once people find their ideal skills and play through some of the new content, they’ll very much enjoy our new way of playing Star Wars Galaxies.

One unexpected consequence of the upgrade was an error that forced you to roll back the Bloodfin and Chimaera servers by three and six days respectively.

Certain skill gains that were erased can also be recovered by our Customer Service team.

We spend a lot of time considering all the UI changes made to the game.

readers cmcmaha and Erillion pointed out that some crafters in SWG have complained that the recent updates have unintentionally made dramatic changes to the way they operate.

Can you comment on what happened here and what is being done to address it?In Star Wars, though individuals certainly have made quite an impact to the story line, it is the grouping of often unlikely characters fighting together for either side that really counted in the larger struggle. Yes, it will be more difficult for some characters to act alone at higher levels, but we believe this change will strengthen the community and bring more of a sense of “Star Wars realism” to the game. Overall we have been successful in redefining and distinguishing the roles of every combat profession.We’ve also added new highly differentiated faction and function-based armor that will add variety to the way players look and are protected while playing.This is a fundamental change to the combat system and therefore to the way people have been playing Galaxies for almost two years.Any change this dramatic is going to elicit passionate responses, especially from some of our more accomplished players.It should immediately be more obvious to players what move/ability/item each icon corresponds to just by seeing the updated graphic.

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