Stealing second base dating

Most of those power hitters aren't the fleetest of foot, either.

But if Hamilton thrives, it might not be long before he's reminding people of Coleman and Henderson — and making teams give the stolen base a serious second look.

An average catcher throw to 2nd base is 2.0 seconds.

The low point came in the mid-2000s, when the team stolen-base average was a mere 86 for three years running. As books like helpfully reminded us, the most valuable thing you can do in baseball is not make an out.

Any time you take off for second or third base, no matter how good a base-stealer you are, you risk making an out.

So for every three steal attempts, you need to convert at least two, or the only thing you're stealing is runs from your team.

Many variables impact that percentage — the number of outs, who's at the plate, the score, and more.

But his combination of elite speed and good instincts — his success rate was 80 percent in 2012 — suggests that he'll be given every opportunity to run.

The bigger issue will be proving that he can steal against the best catchers in the world, and not teenagers and former college kids perfecting their technique in the minors.

If Hamilton had been in the majors, he would have shattered the 30-year-old Big League record of 130 held by Rickey Henderson.

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