Stephen colletti is dating

Spencer disagrees, saying the ex was just a date to a semi-formal.Regardless, he doesn't want to tell Heidi that Stephanie will be showing up to Lauren's house. in fact, she plans on bringing the news to Heidi herself.Stephanie explains that it's hard when Spencer and Heidi play the loyalty card.

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Stephanie thinks that Heidi's over the grudge with Lauren -- it's just Spencer that's posing a problem.

Having heard enough, Spencer splits, leaving Stephanie alone with her iced boba.

Heidi suggests that she's feeling badly because she knows she's doing something wrong.

While Heidi doesn't want Stephanie to be shady about her whereabouts, she can't understand why Stephanie would want to be friends with her enemy.

When Stephanie asks about cute boys, Lauren lets Stephanie in on her rendezvous with Stephen.

Getting ready for her night out with Stephen, Lauren tells Lo that she's not sure if it's a date.

It's official -- Lauren, Lo and Audrina are roommates.

Walking into the new digs, the girls scope out all of the benefits to their new living arrangements.

When she and Lo later run through the guest list over coffee, Lauren lets out a name that perks Lo's ears up -- Stephen Colletti might be dropping by.

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