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It’s so much fun,” as if it’s like this: Really, it’s more like this. That is, until the first date when you find out actually everyone is secretly a freak. Having fun spending time abroad and of course, doing some of this: And this. Sinead *On one of those Tinder dates, I may or may not have mentioned that I declined his offer to pick me up for the date just in case he was an ax murderer.

Anyway, lots of friends in relationships will glamourize single life by telling you, “oh I wish I were single again. However, at some point someone will ask you out, and in the beginning that feeling of a new potential relationship is pretty darn exciting. I have since deleted my account–not for me at the moment.

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The more he talked about the models he dated and he drank more alcohol, he began to look more and more like a scary shark to me. He offered to drop me home in a taxi and when I got to my street, I quickly jumped out. I Accidentally Roofied Myself: In Beijing, I dated a beautiful Brazilian guy. The next day, after I had figured out what had happened, I asked the Brazilian if I sounded insane when I was describing my hallucinations, and he didn’t know what I was talking about. There was an American, a German, and finally, her boyfriend’s best friend – a gorgeous Chinese guy who was in the military.

I never saw him again, but I’ll never forget what it felt like to have dinner with a giant (I felt so dainty! Because he spoke English so badly, our common language was Mandarin, but we always had such a great time together. I stared up at these incredible creatures and objects that appeared above us as I kept asking Bruno what he thought of them and if he liked them, too. He spoke no English, and I spoke rudimental Mandarin, so at dinner my teacher would translate for us. I Danced With A Penis By Firelight: When I was living in Australia (the first time around), I had a crush on a handsome burly Aussie named Alistair who I met at a wind-surfing camp (because, you know, Australia).

Some Guy Thought I Was A Witch: My friends and I were dancing with abandon at a shitty Irish bar in Paris because sometimes those are the only bars you can get into.

My friend Sarah and I had been too shy to date anyone during our time studying abroad in Paris, but we felt bold so we wrote out notes in terrible French (“I never do this, but here is my phone number”) and dared each other to give them to the first cute guys we saw.

I can go out when I feel like it, stay in to watch when I feel like it, and pretend mac and cheese is an acceptable dinner–all in the same day if I so choose!

Needless to say, I will not be offering tips on dating abroad in this post, because I am not Carrie Bradshaw. I reserve my free time for fantasizing about being a guest on I actively participated in all of two dates before realizing that Tinder is actually just blind dates that you arrange for yourself. ) a Korean man in South Korea, you should check out this blog post! Or more often than not, it’s just not the right fit, and that’s OK too. Oh then, there was the guy who asked me out, never followed up, then sent me a message asking if I knew of anyone renting a room. Might be why he never called, but who can really say?Now that we’re both living in London, we’ve come to view these dates fondly (though it took longer for some than others) and started cataloging the good, the bad, and the extremely strange men that we dated.These are the strangest eight things that happened to us while dating abroad: RACHEL: 1.A truly solid friend casually tagged along in case the guy turned out to be an ax murderer or whatever.* Typical first meet-up stuff.

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