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Children that become victims of domestic violence are at risk for continuing the cycle of violence. Children need to know that the home is safe and not a place for violence.

For more information on the effect violence in the home has on children, please click here.

The research concerning adolescents has often examined different outcomes, including dating as well as other forms of violence committed by adolescents., exposure to domestic violence, destructive communication, gender stereotyping, and attitudes accepting of domestic violence mediated the observed relationship between ethnic minority status, low levels of parent education, and expressed In one large sample of African-American males living in or near public housing projects, violence exposure was strongly associated with expressed violence, but the effects were moderated when youth were less depressed and had a stronger sense of purpose in life.

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Women are 10 times more likely to be killed by an intimate partner.

Three women are murdered by their (ex) husband or (ex) boyfriends each day.

These results have limited generalizability, however. Participants were 65 inpatients between the ages of 13 and 17.

Two thirds were hospitalized for suicidal ideation or behavior.

IPV is the term that is used most frequently throughout this chapter since it clearly denotes violence between individuals in a romantic or close relationship, but is not limited by age, marital status, cohabitation, or sexuality, and recognizes that women may be perpetrators as well as victims of IPV.

This chapter is written from a social epidemiologic perspective which ‘considers how social interactions and collective human activities affect health’ (ref 2,p.3).

There is no clinical trial evidence for the effectiveness of interventions provided in general medical settings with the aim of secondary prevention.

However, an advocacy and empowerment program in antenatal clinics reduced psychological and minor physical violence, Outside of health care settings, intensive advocacy (12 hours or more duration) may reduce physical abuse among women leaving shelters or refuges after 12 to 24 months of follow-up, but not for shorter or longer follow-up.

These self-reports of violent behaviors indicated that there was hitting, slapping, or some other form of physical harm during the dating period.

Students with poorer grades (“mostly Ds and Fs”), African-Americans and non-Hispanic students, and students from the Northeast area of the United States were at greatest risk for DV is the leading cause of injury for women between the ages of 15 and 44, resulting in 2 million injuries and almost 1300 deaths annually.

Current estimates in the United States suggest that approximately 50% of sexual assault cases involving adolescents and young adults involve alcohol consumption ( reported on alcohol use, IPV, and sexual coercion and HIV among 3,422 Ugandan women in adolescence and early young adulthood.

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