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In some states the charges on a minor soliciting child pornography are the same as for adults, not to mention it could also prevent teens from receivingcollege scholarships and job offers.

That's not to mention the embarrassment of having pictures of your nude body floating around the Internet. Set up parental controls on your teen’s electronic devices.

A study reported in the journal of that more than 20% of students reported sending either a nude or semi-nude picture/video or a sext-only message, and about 30% reported receiving a sext.

Many phone service providers have plans to limit calls or texts.

For a small fee each month some even provide an email or text telling you what numbers have been called or texted during school hours.

I have written several blogs on this issue primarily because I want to educate the public on the reality and seriousness of it.

If you aren't aware of what sexting is, it's basically a combination of “sex” and “texting”. is sending sexually explicit texts and/or nude photos via cell phones. In fact, if you have a teen who has a device that can take a picture via cell, such as a gaming device, tablet, etc., then there is potential for sexting.

If parents aren't tech savvy, or have controls set, they may never know their teen was breaking the rules. Research tells us that 76.2% of teens who were propositioned to sext admitted to having had sexual intercourse…now that's cause for alarm!

So, what do you do if you find out your teen is sexting? To top it off, new research indicates this problem is happening across prevalent ethnic minority (African American and Hispanic) youth as well.While he is an adult who made his own decisions, while fully aware of the consequences, it brings up the issue once again of sexting and the repercussions of it.If an adult can't escape the humiliation and embarrassment of sexting, how does it affect the life of a teen?Unfortunately, sexting isn't going away anytime soon.With more and more teens having internet capability, the chances of them sexting also increase.You can also block calls after a certain time at night.

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