Teen sex chatbot

And by using particular names, individual children can be targeted.Mail Online tested out the software, and within three messages Sim Simi had begun to show its nasty side.

Parents of schoolchildren in Ireland raised the alarm about the Sim Simi chatbot, after discovering it was sending abusive messages to their youngsters.

School were alerted and widespread media coverage in the country led to both teachers and parents alike expressing concerns.

But things took a sour turn after it emerged that the app can be programmed to hurl abuse at fellow users by anonymously.

Sim Simi uses artificial intelligence to learn from all of the conversations it has had with users, but this allows bullies to program abusive responses.

The app uses artificial intelligence to learn from all of the conversations it has had with users.

But this learning method allows bullies to teach it respond with insults and foul language.

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Liam Hackett, of anti-bullying campaign Ditch the Label, told BBC's newsbeat: 'I think they have a duty of care of suspend the service for all young people.'Their content is predominantly negative, abusive, sexually graphic or violent.

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