That game about dating disabled girls

I mean it in the sort of “this game was developed and put together by people from many different locations all around the world without ever getting together in the fashion an typical game studio would” kinda way.

This game is a shining example of the kind of quality projects that can only just now be made in this day and age.

Yes; more than a few of these seem a bit forced, and you might find yourself heavily facepalming when the talk of lube and anal somehow “pops up” into your story. Each of the 5 girls you can romance has quite a long story path, so if you want to go through them all, don’t expect to finish even one path in a single night (unless you read fast, of course). That isn’t a bad thing, but certainly makes it an entirely different kind of beast to “play.” Now it should be noted that .

Regardless of its origins, though, the most important thing to remember about is that it’s a game that would never have seen the light of day had it not been for the Internet.

Now I don’t mean that in a “the web helped them put it together” kinda way that almost any project could claim these days.

In fact, I ended up with one of the ones that I found rather loud and annoying — a fact that I found slowly changing over the course of her path.

As the main character grew to know her and learn more about her and her past, so did I.

She wasn’t just some cute girl with a disability, she was a person I was invested in and wanted to help work through her problems.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a psychology major (in fact I’d wager that had a rather large part in my enjoyment of certain girls’ paths over others), but I really did find myself drawn in to the lives of these fictional girls and wanted to see how Hisao and their stories resolved themselves.By the final act of her story, I was in love with her playful and stubborn nature, even when she used it to push me (the main character) away.I could see through it, and wanted to help her resolve the demons that haunted her and work to become closer to her.**I’m gonna start this blog off by giving you all fair warning that the game I’m about to “review” most certainly crosses into NSFW territory.Although the content of this blog does not, Google searching this game and clicking some of the following links could very well be a trap.**, or Disability Girls, is a game/visual novel centered around a young man with a heart condition who finds himself at a school for the disabled that just so happens to be filled with cute, single girls.Thirty or so minutes later, I read through a first-person account of one of the most “scary” scenarios a person could ever find themselves in (having a heart attack before graduating high school).

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