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Here are some things I did in graduate-level, special education theory and methods classes for teacher training in the School of Education at the University of Colorado to accommodate students: I emphasize at the beginning of the semester that much of the content of each class is not only for their learning and required by the state department of education for teacher certification, but also for the purpose of internalizing information as they write their comprehensive exams prior to the awarding of their graduate degree.

I also emphasize, to this end, that the questions that are posed to them (or they pose to the professor) are to assist them in reaching this goal in a situation that causes them the least amount of stress possible, and accommodates diverse backgrounds, abilities and experiences – but in the form of no timed pop quizzes!

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accommodation "room and provisions, lodging," c.1600, now usually pl. The accommodation was as primitive as are the weapons, and that was saying a good deal.

He cast aside all offers of accommodation, and prepared for battle.

Where Accommodation is provided for Dining comfortably 300 Persons at a time.

"It will be an accommodation to me, your taking part of the work," he frankly said.

Meaning "appliance, anything which affords aid" is from 1610s; that of "act of accommodating" is from 1640s.

accommodatio), noun of action from accommodare (see accommodate).

(2) Is the student keeping up with daily reading assignments?

(3) How well are students internalizing the readings?

Student feedback has been very positive in that both students with and without disabilities have expressed appreciation for taking the “terror” out of pop quizzes.

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