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And it can take a long time....possibly more than 10-20 years for this to happen (i.e. But during this period, you have almost zero chance of reviving her attraction for you.

The relationship turns into a rut, and yes, you will have to put up with her incessant nagging, arguing, temper tantrums and disrespectful behaviour in general.

Doc Love's THE SYSTEM - DATING DICTIONARY focusses more on long-term relationships than short-term flings.

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If her Interest Level drops, it is very likely that he is missing out on at least one of the 3 C's.

Once a woman's Interest Level rises over 95%, you are never wrong in her eyes!

And this can make you miserable, specially if you get stuck in a loveless marriage.

Doc Love's THE SYSTEM - THE DATING DICTIONARY also teaches you that once a woman's IL goes below 50%, then it can never be brought back up.

Interest Level is a dynamic factor and the man's actions will determine whether it rises up or falls down.

Challenge = How tough it is for the woman to win you over.

Some of them are as follows: Interest Level: Just as Location is everything in the real estate business, a woman's Interest Level is everything in the dating game.

Interest Level (IL in short) basically refers to how strongly she is attracted to you.

Once the student (whom Doc Love refers to as 'Spartan-In-Training') fully internalises it, he can move on to the advanced Mastery Series.

THE SYSTEM - THE DATING DICTIONARY covers some specific concepts and ingredients involved in the dynamics of any relationship.

If you just flip for an attractive woman, then you are a zero challenge for her, because she needs to do absolutely nothing to win you over!

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