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In Imperial Russia, most political jokes were of the polite variety that circulated in educated society.Few of the political jokes of the time are recorded, but some were printed in a 1904 German anthology.

Jokes about Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917, typically made fun of characteristics popularized by propaganda: his supposed kindness, his love of children (Lenin never had children of his own), his sharing nature, his kind eyes, etc.

Accordingly, in jokes Lenin is often depicted as sneaky and hypocritical.

A popular joke set-up is Lenin interacting with the head of the secret police, Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, in the Smolny Institute, the seat of the revolutionary communist government in Petrograd, or with khodoki, peasants who came to see Lenin.

Jokes about Khrushchev often relate to his attempts to reform the economy, especially to introduce maize. Other jokes target the crop failures resulting from his mismanagement of agriculture, his innovations in urban architecture, his confrontation with the US while importing US consumer goods, his promises to build communism in 20 years, or simply his baldness and crude manners.

The winch is a vintage sail winch made of nickel plated solid bronze. This shows the haul-up line, the split swim grid and plywood shoe, or scoop. This shows the “scoops”, split swim-grid and the ladder.

It is geared down 4:1 and with the SS handle it gives me a MA of about 10:1. It is easily made out of ½” copper pipe and fittings. This shows the open hatch which slides on SS straps.

The Soviet Union thus cast itself as a socialist country trying to build communism, which was supposed to be a classless society.

Variant #2: "What a coincidence: Brezhnev has died, but his body lives on".

They actually all managed to stay on the treadmill for several hours. President Snow waited until someone else gave up so he could call it quits as well. Down to the last 2, who is going to spend the day in the reward room?

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