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It opens with citrusy clementine, fresh cucumber and energy drink accord. With the scents of the tobacco, plant, and wood of the store slightly combining.The heart of black pepper, black basil and cardamom is placed on the base of masculine tobacco, musk, patchouli and ambrene wood. Then you walk out the store, thinking how that smelled nice.

Projection is average, and that's fine for a scent in this genre. I don't find it really evolves after that point but that's okay.

More importantly, the longevity is a tick above average, which is unexpected for Calvin Klein scents from this period. Summary: ignore the bottle design, ignore the name, and get the fragrance anyway. At first sniff it reminded me of the 1 million line. It smells like a smooth sweet tobacco mixed with spices and chocolate. It's a tobacco with a bit of amber and I get a marshmallow out of it... I'd say 4-6 hours and projects/decent sillage for 3-4. It dries down to a bit synthetic, yet pleasant tobacco/amber scent.

Then the officially spicy notes take over with the cardamon and pepper from the mid with some of the osmanthus which I think also helps create the energy drink accord. The fragrance is detectable for another five as a skin scent. I really do like Shock, it is cheap, smells nice and mostly unique. I'd seen so many You Tube reviews raving about the opening, I found that aspect to be quite a poor first impression.

I say mostly as I notice some comparisons to Spicebomb in CK One Shock. The drydown was nicer, not a full on tobacco but it was there, quite a mellow sweet tobacco, not unpleasant but not anything special, quite basic.

It is rather versatile while leaning more towards a fall to spring night scent for the young and young at heart (like me at 30.) This is a spicy scent.

It truly gives off a cinnamon accord which i guess is from the energy drink accord dominating thee open along with some slight lavender and clementine notes. It is rather moderately strong for about two hours before becoming a skin scent. It's decent for the price, but probably not something I'd buy again.It is not an unisex edition, but two separate oriental compositions: CK One Shock For Her and CK One Shock For Him. Best way I could describethis: my dad taking me to a real deal tobacco/pipe store in the mall. There were gallon sized glass containers loaded wall to wall stacked about 6 high. You would go around picking the lids off each container and sniffing the different flavors of tobacco you maybe interested in.CK One Shock For Him is built around aromatic, spicy and deep oriental nuances. This would have been one of the less potent containers sitting next to maybe a potted plant for decoration.I've seen it at discount sites for - for 100 ml, and that's an incredible value for something this good. I would recommend this if you like sweet chocolate tobacco spiced scents like 1 million without the bubblegum accord. Like if someone made a Rice Krispie Square out of tobacco instead of rice krispies. I hope this one doesn't get discontinued or anything, based on the amount of reviews and ratings on here it doesn't seem so! It does not last very long on skin (4-5 hours) and projects a maximum of 1.5 hours.CK One Shock consists of sweet tobacco and spices.. However, on clothes and furniture, it lasts for a long time.It is sweet tho so if you don't like sweet, this isn't for you.

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