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Add a background to your calendar that keeps you motivated, focused or calm. Use Agenda mode to stay focused on today’s tasks When this week or month’s entire mountain of work is visible on the screen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.So create some sanity for yourself: switch to Agenda mode for a rundown of just today’s workload. Prevent workflow interruptions with “gentle” notifications When Google Calendar is open, a notification will trigger 10 minutes before your next event.

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If they agree, you’ll see their calendar in your list of calendars on the left sidebar. Use Calendly to let others add meetings to your calendar without giving up control Granting others access to your calendar can be unnerving.

You may prefer not to share the details of all your appointments with colleagues, or you could be concerned about people adding meetings at inconvenient times (say, during lunch). ” back-and-forth time, and keep all details of your existing appointments private.

Access your calendar offline when wifi is spotty or unavailable Like every Google tool you use, Google Calendar is only available online by default.

But if you’re working from a location with spotty-to-no wifi, you can enable offline syncing as needed.

The application allows you to keep track of your appointments and events through a simple interface.

If you use it and want to sync it with your Google calendar or your i Phone, you can do so with a few steps.To find them, click the Settings cog, then choose Labs, where you’ll find add-ons like the Background Image option.Visuals are powerful mood influencers, so use this feature to your advantage.Unfortunately, that notification is extremely interruptive by default, directing you to Google Calendar no matter other program or tab you were working in.Switching to from interruptive alerts to “browser notifications” tames this experience.Consider this your go-to source for all things Google Calendar. Color code your different projects parts of life with “other calendars” Between your day job, the side project you’re working on, those home chores to tackle and that big networking event next week, you’ve got a lot of plates to keep spinning. Hide the low-priority ones until you need them You may not always want to see calendar available (think: colleagues’ calendars, holiday and birthday calendars, etc).

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