Tyler from vampire diaries dating

He admits that he doesn't know what's wrong with him.

When Vicki's body is found, Tyler feels guilty about the way he treated her when she was alive.

When he decides to throw a party nearby, Mason says to make sure everyone is out by nightfall just to be on the safe side. A little later Mason stumbles toward him, naked and dirty, and Tyler realizes that the wolf was him.

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The two teenagers actually have something in common--they both like to draw and are good at it.

Even when Jeremy tries to bond a bit with him, however, Tyler pushes him away.

At first, Tyler Lockwood appears to be the typical jock--good looking, athletic, and more brawn than brain.

He's best friends with Matt Donovan, another member of the football team.

After being baited into it, Mason says that in order for the curse to be triggered, you have to kill someone.

Tyler tells him where the moonstone might be but it's not there.Tyler, however, easily overpowers Matt and keeps taking swings until he's stopped by Alaric Saltzman.Tyler tries multiple times to apologize to Matt, but they're not able to reconcile until a very bad accident happens.When he brings it up, however, his uncle denies it, which just pisses Tyler off more.He follows Mason to a cellar beneath the old Lockwood property and sees chains and such inside.At a masquerade party soon after, Tyler is drinking in his father's office with Matt and a girl named Sarah.

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