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The rates describe the percentage of people with a specific cancer type who will be alive a certain time after diagnosis.

Survival rates can describe any given length of time.

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Where you may need help is in joining pieces together. Two types of fabric are most popular: pure cotton and 50/50 cotton polyester blend.

Depending on the thickness of the fabric you may be able to sew on a regular sewing machine. Of course either one is attractive yet unless treated with a product such as silicone it will be a weak waterproofing cover.

A wood deck or platform may be something you already have experience building (or your friend does…).

If you plan to transport your yurt to different locations then a deck is not justified. In any case you need to ensure that water does not come inside the yurt.

As always, the intended use of your yurt will define certain features that are essential and practical.

This depends on your intended use plus your budget and how fancy and durable you want your yurt.

” Understanding survival statistics becomes very important.

A doctor can use them to estimate a patient’s prognosis, or chance of recovery, and determine treatment options. Researchers usually give survival statistics as rates.

There is one major benefit to make your own cover: the simplicity of cutting the pieces; the walls are the easiest to make since they’re basically square.

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