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NET, we are able to programmatically force an Update Panel to Update – we do not have to rely solely on triggers. Similarly, we are able to stop an Update Panel from updating if certain criteria is not met. So our Update Panel will look like this: using System; using System.

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Updatepanel updating

The tag has two childtags - the Content Template and the Triggers tags.

The Content Template tag is required, since it holds the content of the panel.

The ability to integrate partial page rendering is integrated into ASP. When you launch your website, you should see that partial rendering is now enabled, because when you click on the button there will be no flicker, nor will there be any change in the page scroll position (this example does not demonstrate that).

If you were to look at the rendered source of the page after clicking the button, it will confirm that in fact a post-back has not occurred - the original label text is still part of the source markup, and the label has changed through Java Script.

We do not want the Update Panel to Update all the time (hijack all Post Backs), so we set this to Conditional.

We also do not want to specify the child controls of the Update Panel as triggers, causing it to update, also.

The Update Panel control is probably the most important control in the ASP. It will AJAX'ify controls contained within it, allowing partial rendering of the area.

We already used it in the Hello world example, and in this chapter, we will go in depth with more aspects of the control.

The content can be anything that you would normally put on your page, from literal text to web controls.

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