Updating a 1970s home

Liz and Dave loved the look of the folding-sliding doors so much that they wanted to achieve the same design with the conservatory that leads through from the living room.

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As with the layout inside, the basic structure outside was there, so we had something to work with,’ explains Liz.

The pond and patio area were already in place, so the first thing the Everys did was to dig out the turf and rotovate the earth for their garden, which is now full of grasses and prairie-style plants.

Although a dated 1970s property might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect home, as soon as Liz and Dave Every set eyes on the house, they knew they were going to buy it before they’d stepped inside and seen any of the rooms.

‘As we approached the house, I had already made the decision that we were going to have it,’ explains Liz.

‘We decorated the guest room with it, creating a feature wall, and liked the result so much that we used a bold pattern into our bedroom, too.’Redecorating upstairs was a fairly straightforward task, but the balcony off the main bedroom needed work.

‘When the folding-sliding doors in the kitchen below were fitted, it moved the flat roof slightly, so new felt had to be laid to make it waterproof again,’ says Liz.

‘Apart from those three main issues, the house was liveable when we moved in, so there was no pressure to get everything else finished quickly.’Over the next three years, Liz and Dave transformed the house inside and out, gradually creating their perfect home.

Liz’s previous job as a stylist designing room sets, and now her work as a photographer, mean she’s never stuck for ideas.

They asked a local joiner to make a solid oak door with frosted glass panels either side, which Liz designed.

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