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When working in the markup editor in Visual Studio, you may notice (from Intelli Sense) that there are two child elements of an Update Panel control.

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The date was also switched off between clicks, as the date is visible in the bottom label.

Finally of interest is the bottom label's color: it was updated more recently than the label's text, which demonstrates that control state is important, and users expect it to be preserved through AJAX postbacks. The time was automatically repopulated through the persistence of the __VIEWSTATE field of the page being interpreted by the ASP.

However, its server-side processing model has several drawbacks inherent in the technology, many of which can be addressed by the new features included in the Microsoft ASP. These extensions enable many new rich client features, including partial rendering of pages without requiring a full page refresh, the ability to access Web Services via client script (including the ASP. This whitepaper also assumes that you will be working with Visual Studio 2008, not Visual Web Developer Express, and will provide walkthroughs according to the user interface of Visual Studio (although code listings will be entirely compatible regardless of development environment).

NET profiling API), and an extensive client-side API designed to mirror many of the control schemes seen in the ASP. This whitepaper examines the XML Triggers functionality of the ASP. XML Triggers give granular control over the components that can cause partial rendering for specific Update Panel controls. NET AJAX Extensions, previously an add-on assembly targeted at ASP. Triggers for a given Update Panel, by default, automatically include any child controls that invoke a postback, including (for example) Text Box controls that have their event.

In Fire Bug, choose the Console tab so that you can examine the request.

Examine the POST request parameters first: (Click to view full-size image) Note that the Update Panel has indicated to the server-side AJAX code precisely which control tree was fired via the Script Manager1 parameter: property, and so the server sends the changed content from the server as HTML.NET AJAX is doing and how our Update Panel cross-panel triggers work. Both of these tools are freely available online, and can be found with an internet search.To do so, we will work with the generated page source HTML, as well as the Mozilla Firefox extension called Fire Bug - with it, we can easily examine the AJAX postbacks. An examination of the page source code shows almost nothing out of the ordinary; the Update Panel controls are rendered as containers.The element can be used to trigger a partial page render, but one that requires a full round-trip to the server.This trigger element can also be used to force a full page render when a control would otherwise normally trigger a partial page render (for instance, when a (Click to view full-size image) Utilizing the example we just constructed, we can take a look at what ASP.For instance, consider a Check Box control; examine the class disassembly in . The interception of the form's submission, then, allows ASP.

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