Updating asus bios wothout floppy datings oldalak hu 2016

Reversing this can be time consuming as well as very frustrating depending upon the motherboard manufacturer and the make and model of the motherboard.

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These dynamic settings are those manually set by either the computers manufacturer or you, the user.

There are two ways to erase these dynamic settings, by either resetting a jumper on the motherboard itself (referred to as a "clear CMOS" jumper), or by physically remove the power from the computer (disconnecting the power plug) and then removing a battery (used to maintain power to the PROM chip that contains the Bios/CMOS information) from the motherboard.

Let's look at Option #1 first, and then move on to Option #2 if necessary.

Most motherboards manufactured over the last decade or more use a battery to sustain the dynamic Bios/CMOS settings for the motherboards PROM chip.

It can happen as the result of accidental use of a Bios password by a new user.

This also often occurs when an employee who is quitting or has been terminated, sets the Bios password as some form of retaliation against an employer.

Most times though, this is a well-meaning effort on the part of an employee to secure employer data, so don't punish the employee if this is the case.

As far as family members are concerned, we have heard just about every explanation possible ranging from adults trying to regulate computer use by their children or one adult trying to curb computer use by his or her significant other.

Many times we have had customers contact us explaining that either an employee or family member has set a Bios password and then forgot what it was, making access to the computer impossible.

A few times we have seen vindictive employees set Bios passwords as their way of getting even with their employer.

We make no warranty of any type as to any of these files, including their usability for a particular purpose.

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