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In the study, anxious and insecure people reported feeling much better when others commented or liked on their Facebook activity.

Who needs personality tests when you have Facebook?

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I tend to avoid potentially incendiary topics, like politics. I read in Sam Gosling's "Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You" that people who continually post motivational updates tend to be highly neurotic. Didn't take me more than a week or two to see through it all.

Ironically, anyone with a degree in psychology should easily be able to see it, but cannot.

Acquaintances usually ignore a narcissist’s excessive self-admiration, until they can’t stand it any longer. “I’m not going to let people walk all over me anymore.

Eventually, acquaintances tend to unfriend narcissists. I’m done with this.” Neurotic people—those who are more likely to experience high levels of anxiety, envy, and guilt—use Facebook to gain the attention and support they lack offline.

A study by Union College in New York found anxious and insecure people spend more time 'feedback seeking' on Facebook (stock image shown).

They are more likely to post statuses and check for likes and comments.

i feel absolutely no need to update people with statuses.

and i no longer have the highlight reels of people's lives to compare to my own entire life story.

Narcissists often gain a lot of likes and comments on their status updates, which can fuel their need for attention and validation.

Researchers found that their close friends often offer a thumbs up, even when they don’t really like a narcissist’s posts.

Understanding Personality Type The Facebook status update test certainly isn't 100% accurate of course.

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