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You don't have to give the Word fields similar names, but doing so simplifies your work because the names are self-documenting. To keep things simple, the example form pulls over only a few values. Move Next Loop Set db = Nothing Set rst = Nothing End Sub This sub procedure uses the Data Access Objects (DAO) library, which is no longer Office's default library, but this is one of those times when DAO is more efficient that Active X Data Objects (ADO). Value Set db = Nothing Set rst = Nothing End Sub Private Sub Document_Close() 'Clear fields. Each Microsoft Office application specializes in a specific job.

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To add a field, position the cursor and then click the appropriate tool on the Forms toolbar. Not only that, you can use existing field values to filter foreign data.

Complete this process three times to add two text box fields and one dropdown field to the form. The result is a dynamic form that updates fields based on a selected value.

The text entered into this field shall appear on the document's cover page. If possible the text on the cover page shall be updated as soon as the user either types something in the text field or leaves the field after having typed. Say you fill in your name somewhere in your form and want it to update in the cover page automatically.

You have to create a bookmark, and then 'cross-reference' it to automatically update it each time.

Name them as shown in Table A by double-clicking each to open its options dialog.

These names correspond to field names in the Employees table (in Access). Retrieve only the values you need when applying this to your own work. Add DAO to the project by choosing References from the Tools menu and then checking Microsoft DAO 3. There's one limitation — the dropdown field can display only 25 items. uses the selected value in wf Last Name to fill in wf Title Of Courtesy and wf First Name. The example form in Figure A lets you choose a last name from the dropdown field and then automatically fills in the remaining text box fields with corresponding data from an Access table. Choose any name from the list and press Tab to fill in wf Title Of Courtesy and wf First Name, as shown in Figure E. Just remember to press Tab after selecting a last name from wf Last Name to update the other fields, accordingly.Specifically, the form retrieves data from the Employees table in the Northwind database (the sample database that comes with Access). Display the Forms toolbar by right-clicking any toolbar and checking Forms. With the help of a little VBA code, you can populate Word fields using foreign data.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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