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Which transforms a hardcoded part of your desktop in a very hacky way with XNA. Video Pal is a player written in Java and using JOGL. no time for jar reverse engineering and no link to the source.I was able to run it on Windows, but it couldn’t open a H264 video.Here are listed every freeware and open source (and some abandonware) solitaire mahjongg there exists (at least that's my intention and goal).

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Most importantly it has the exact functionality I was looking for when I wanted to play a stereoscopic video on the Oculus Rift: Decoding a video stream and applying a GLSL fragment shader to it.

I found a few solutions that to try to achieve that goal, but they were very unsatisfactory.

This application requires Carbon Lib 1.0.4 or later and can run on OS X. Available in 'Serenade Disk 5' Good version from Germany. Only standard tiles and the standard 'Dragon' layout, but the 'Bonus pack' (321 kb) has 9 more layouts.

More beautiful icons can be found at chilliday or icon factory.

Sometimes also called 'Moraff's Wonderland Tarot' or 'Alice Tiles' . There is supposed to be several layouts and tilesets (unknown how many to me).

First version of a promising game who will be able to load both Kyodai tilesets and .rkp/reko cardsets (big archive of user made cardsets to solitaire card games). Alternative download locations: Tucows / Clear and good graphics. In the GLSL shader you can change some parameters like video resolution, eye distance, scale and kappa.This could also be done with uniforms and set by a GUI. Since we are using a GL plugin, we need to use the glimagesink. The picture shown uses various icons downloaded from From the homepage: Free Shanghai solitaire style game for the Macintosh. Kyodai tilesets works fine, but the reko cardsets needs more work. 2 tile sets (colorful variant of the standard tiles and a fun animal tilesets).

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