Updating netid byname

If an entry in the triple is left blank, that field becomes a wildcard.If the entry is specified as a dash (the password file.

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Similarly, the local aliases file can be used to override entries in the NIS mail aliases map, setting up machine-specific expansion of one or more aliases.

There is yet another group of files that can be augmented with data from NIS.

setup procedure, we will discuss how the NIS maps relate to the files that they replace.

In particular, we'll discuss how to modify the files that are appended by NIS so they can take advantage of NIS features.

A final note about netgroups: they are accessible you typically strip the local file to the minimum number of entries needed for bootstrap or single-user operation.

You then add in entries that are valid only on the local host -- for example, a user with an account on only one machine -- and then integrate NIS services by adding special entries that refer to the NIS map files.

The definitions and behavior of netgroups are confusing because their syntax doesn't exactly match the way the netgroup information is used.

Even though the netgroup syntax allows you to specify user and hostnames in the same triple, user and hostnames are rarely used .

These files are not managed by NIS directly, but you can add special entries referring to the NIS database (in particular, the map.

This new database is the basis for the most useful extensions to the standard administrative files; it is what prevents NIS from becoming a rigid, inflexible system.

In the third example, , but no hosts are included in this group.

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