Updating smart mailbox unread counts Freefucking sites

The good news (should I have to switch), that Spam Sieve (which I consider essential) supports many mail clients.

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Close the preferences window, and head up to the Mailbox menu.

Select New Smart Mailbox from there, and name it the same as your Rule.

Choose “all” from the dropdown menu about meeting the following conditions, and then add the following rules: To complete this awesome tip, head to the Mail menu, choose Preferences, and hit the General tab at the top.

Look about halfway down the window, and next to Dock Unread Count, choose the smart mailbox you just created.

I also encountering slowing down when loading folders, and at the same time, the unread counts are very unreliable. It is fast responsive and handles various types of accounts very well. Maybe you could go into what features keep you in Apple Mail.

It did get a lot better a few years ago, but then stagnated.

New Apple Core Rot, and in a key area of functionality, at least for MPG.

Apple Mail in mac OS Sierra has severe performance issues (and continuing bugs), just as in El Capitan and Yosemite.

Makes me feel like I’m running Windoze or something, that is, having to crap like this that ought never need to be done by any end user.

That’s why I moved to Outlook for Mac since early this year. I have an IMAP professional email hosting, and an Exchange Online Office 365 and both have a custom domain.

In OS X Yosemite, mail app not showing total message count. Once you view a smart folder, the count in the title bar disappear until you relaunch the mail. SEE ALSO : Mac Mail App not showing new messages in inbox, fix Solution 3:- (for total message count) It a bug in Mac OS X Yosemite.

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