Updating smart playlist

But some people have complained that what was before a single click to switch libraries now takes two clicks.

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i Tunes has long had a Show Duplicate Items feature, which lets you find duplicate music, movies, TV shows, etc., in your library.

I covered duplicates in i Tunes, and on the Mac, in this recent article.

You can create multiple Recently Added smart playlists if you want this type of granular information; and for podcasts, it can be useful.

You may want to see only those podcasts that have been updated in the past day, to see which of your favorite podcasts have new episodes.

Apple moved the Show Duplicate Items feature; it is now in the File Library menu.

This isn't the only menu item that Apple has moved.

I have compiled a long list of minor changes to i Tunes 12.4 on my personal blog; check it out and see what else is missing, has been moved, or has been changed.

Do you like the new Media Picker or preferred if Apple kept the single click action to switch media libraries?

You may find this tip handy as you struggle to find your marks with i Tunes 12.4.

This is just a selection of the changes to i Tunes 12.4.

With these shortcuts, any media library is just a keypress away; and for most people, it's even quicker to press a keyboard shortcut than click a button. (The missing sidebar, by the way, has returned as the main control for viewing your content within a library.) This replaces Recently Added sections at the top of the various views, such as Artists, Albums, and Genres, for music, and the different views for Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts.

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