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“It is in our interests to promote the existence of rogues, as the proportion of parahumans in our society slowly increases.

Many rogues do not cause confrontations, nor do they seek to intervene in them.

We become aware of new powers on a weekly basis, most if not all warranting careful and individual attention in respect to the law.

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If any of that was a real possibility, she wouldn’t have been allowed in the courtroom.

The prosecution had argued that she be a flight risk, and her lawyer hadn’t done a good enough job of arguing against it, so the restraints had gone on.

She knew it only made her look more deranged, more dangerous, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it.

If she had been able to, she would have had a comment or two to make about that, or at least she could have asked the lawyer to tidy her hair.

Strips of metal had been tightened just under her armpits, near the bottom of her ribcage, her upper arms and waist, with two more bands around each of her ankles.

Chains seemed to connect everything to everything else, preventing her from moving her arms or legs more than a few inches in any direction before she felt the frustrating resistance and jangling of the chains.

She would have argued with the man that had been hired as her defense, instead of waiting hours or days for a response to each of her emails.

She would have demanded that her basic rights be met. A leather mask reinforced with the same metal strips that were on her body and a cage-style grille of small metal bars was strapped over her lower face.

Her hands were buried in a pair of reinforced metal buckets, each filled with that damn pastel yellow foam.

The other restraints weren’t so bad, but that was only in a relative sense.

” “We have, your honor.” Paige watched as the clerk delivered the envelope to the judge.

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