Updating w810i

The W810i might run into some competition with Nokia's N91 when it is released mid-2006, as it sports a 4GB hard drive and 3G connectivity; unlike the W810i, it's fairly bulky.

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The phone supported MP3, AMR, MIDI, IMY, EMY, WAV (16 k HZ maximum sample rate) and AAC audio formats and MPEG-4 and 3GPP video formats. While official support for Memory Stick PRO Duo is capped at 4 GB, users have reported using 16 GB sticks with full functionality (read and write), though at larger sizes, some functions (boot time, media playback, and file retrieval, for example) are noticeably slower.

There were many small cosmetic changes from the W800, but most noticeable is the absence of the classic joystick that has been found on the majority of Sony Ericsson mobile phones since the T68i.

Customisable soft keys to either side of the navigation are arranged attractively in two circles, each containing three shortcuts.

On the left set of soft keys is an orange "W" key that takes you into the Walkman menu where you can sort music on the phone by artist, playlist or track.

Unlike the upcoming Sony Ericsson K800i, the W810i holds onto its predecessor's camera resolution of two megapixels.

Its auto-focus mode works well even with macro shots, but we found the shutter lag annoying and pictures taken in low light came to be grainy -- night assist mode and using the built-in LED flash didn't do much to alleviate this.

The interface and navigation isn't up to the standard of the i Pod.

It's only a second-generation (2G) phone, so as long as you're not fussed about video streaming and calling, it has features that will keep most users content.

This has been replaced by a D-pad designed to improve ease of use when listening to music and to provide a longer life to the keypad (as the classic joystick tended to fail due to dust).

The casing color has changed from burnt orange and cream to "Satin Black" or "Fusion White".

The W810i is very similar in appearance to its predecessor but it loses the W800i's Day-Glo orange case and adopts a more sophisticated black.

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