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Starting from a clean hard disk means there's no build-up of programs that start with Windows, slowing it down and using up precious memory. Solid-state drives are much, much faster than traditional hard disks and can give a new lease of life to a PC you thought was destined for the scrap heap.Here's how to install an SSD in your PC (or upgrade your laptop to an SSD).

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Essentially, you have to wipe your hard disk and start from scratch.

So, yes it is possible, but it's not particularly convenient or easy.

Don’t worry though, you can bring XP up to date quickly and easily.

A few months ago we wrote about the Missed Features Installer (MFI) for Windows 10, a 1.3GB ISO file which adds a ton of third-party programs to Windows 10, such as Classic Shell, Gadgets 2.0, This PC Tweaker, and the Windows Experience Index Tool.

Windows XP is still loved by many people, and still runs on millions of PCs and laptops.

But it isn't supported by Microsoft any more and therefore is at risk from viruses and malware that can take advantage of any security holes that remain.Before you begin you will need to copy everything you want to keep to an external hard drive, USB flash drive or a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or One Drive.Also, find your software installation discs and licence keys.You can read our review of Windows 10 but the bottom line is that it is certainly the best version of Windows yet.As we often say, you'd be surprised at how much your computer appears to speed up when you install Windows fresh.So it's not a great idea to use Windows XP if your computer is connected to the internet, although good antivirus software should help.

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