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Emphasis shifted from finding the way to maintaining safe distances between craft moving in various directions at different speeds.

Larger ships are easier to see but require more time to change speed or direction.

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Regular trade was carried on between the island of stars as guides is mentioned in many sources, including the works of Homer and Herodotus, the Bible, and the Norse sagas.

East and west are traditionally synonymous with the directions of sunrise and sunset; north and south are determined by the directions of shadows cast by the noonday Sun.

Modern navigation, in short, has to do with a globally integrated transportation system in which each voyage from start to finish is concerned with four basic objectives: staying on course, avoiding collisions, minimizing fuel consumption, and conforming to an established timetable.

The earliest navigators probably learned to steer their ships between distant ports by familiarizing themselves with the sequences of intervening landmarks.

This is my UK / GB equivalent of the list presented on that site.

I have attempted to test the validity of the technique for establishing dates for UK radio sets by cross-referencing various UK radio sets against issue dates for their assosciated patents. You can even read the original patents if you are interested!

Today each voyage or flight is a single link in a coordinated network of transport that carries people and goods from any starting place to any chosen destination.

The efficient operation of the whole system depends upon assurance that each journey will begin and end at the specified times.

This everyday visual approach to navigation is called piloting.

Keeping these reference points in view required that they stay quite close to shore, but they made the transition to ocean voyages well out of sight of land thousands of years ago in various parts of the world.

From here, you can access an individual patent file by following steps 5 & 6 above.

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