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Air testing for Formaldehyde will confirm a problem with your indoor air, and the results report will give you guidance on how to reduce your inside concentrations, if possible.

Washington, DC: Association of American Railroads, Bureau of Explosives, 1994., p.

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Formaldehyde was used as a common preservative in the thousands of jarred specimens and animals used for anatomical dissections there too.

To guage the problem I highly recommend you quickly, cheaply, and easily do your own Formaldehyde testing using this simple but accurate home air check kit.

Both public companies as well private individuals with a variety.

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Those sources are very common and often difficult to totally replace.

Environmental Contaminant Reference Databook Volume 1. [Health and Safety Executive Monograph: Formaldehyde #2 p.2 (1981)]**PEER REVIEWED**Shipment Methods and Regulations: No person may /transport,/ offer or accept a hazardous material for transportation in commerce unless that person is registered in conformance ...

Combustion products include corrosive or toxic vapors.

Emergency Handling of Hazardous Materials in Surface Transportation.

Recommendable methods: Incineration, oxidation, & discharge to sewer.

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