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, The reality of grant applications is that the deadlines fall way before your research is conducted! Not everyone is eligible for funding, and even if they are, not everyone gets it.

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It is expected that you will read hundreds of pages each week, write and rewrite many essays, critiques and proposals, grade as many as a hundred assignments each semester and supervise tutorials.

As an undergrad, you learned the basics of how to read and write critically.

While the major funding sources have specific eligibility criteria, there are others out there that don’t have requirements based on citizenship or GPA.

Some key ideas about alternative funding sources: , Why is it that every other student in my cohort has their life figured out but me?

Some key features of comps: , Coming into my graduate studies, I’ve realized that writing is totally different at a graduate level!!!

There are different expectations, and I’m even supposed to be writing things like a grant proposal - I’ve never had to write one before, and I have no idea what I’m doing! , Do you remember having to learn the ropes of new expectations when you started high school?

Having Children if the Man Has HIV Having Children if the Woman has HIV . 16 08 2016 - You are here Home Q and AAll topics Can an HIV negative woman .

13 08 - Having HIV does not prevent you from dating or marryingit just may require a little more responsibility and trust from you . An HIV negative woman and an HIV positive man can conceive naturally.

Here are a few tips and resources you can access on campus to help with this transition: , I want to apply to bursaries and government funding programs, but I don’t have a clear sense of my research project yet.

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