Tchat sex play - Valerie llewellyn dating

That’s why I’m sharing the truth and educating the people everywhere I go.I am also working hard for Satan and for our freedom.

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She suffers not only from violent delusions, but hallucinations.

On many occasions in late 2012, she “saw things” that were not reality at all and shared these delusions in private messages and emails.

She actually got pleasure in harassing people within the GLBT community, something she vehemently denies to all, to cover her own ass.

It didn’t matter what religion anyone was because Veronika, or as Joy of Satan thinks her name is, Viktória, liked people from any religion and really, she only hated people who disagreed with her, which happened almost daily.

She is a sociopath, but she is much more than that.

She is mentally ill; untreated and dangerous to herself and to others.

Her IP rotates because in Hungary the ISP’s are behind, they have slow technology, this is a country still not caught up with the countries Veronika wishes she could live in, a reason for her anger and why she seeks revenge on people when she finds they no longer serve her purpose in her lonely life.

She jealously toward most of those she stalks and harasses.

This was unrelated to anything but her ill state of mind and her lack of emotional compass.

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